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Posts from June 2013

What a Croc!
A Florida man ran into some serious trouble during an attempted robbery, thanks to a Croc – not the animal, but the shoe that he left behind at the scene of the crime.
Dominick Andrew Giordano was trying to break into a pick-up truck in the parking lot of a Chipotle restaurant when the owner shouted at him, leading him to run off – and out of the black Crocs he was wearing.  The victim tracked Giordano to a discount shoe store, where a deputy approached him and found he was carrying a brand-new pair of shoes – and sporting a big stain that he'd created when he peed himself in fear.Giordano offered an explanation, according to the police report. He said he thought the Toyota Tundra was his because he "used to have a truck." 

(South Florida Sun Sentinel)
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There are Fewer Hurricanes Than Expected, Thanks to . . . Pollution??
 Keep on driving a truck that gets six miles-per-gallon and dumping your toxic waste into the lake!!
According to a new study, POLLUTION has actually kept the number of Atlantic Ocean hurricanes and tropical storms DOWN.  Researchers found the particles from air pollution help keep hurricanes from forming on the ocean.  And they found that since we started pushing to curb pollution in the 80's, hurricanes and tropical storms have increased.  Of course, there are a million BAD side effects of pollution . . . but this could be the one good one.  It's also another sign that yes, what humans do affects and changes the climate.  

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