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Posts from September 2013

A 99-Year-Old Woman's Biggest Regret Was Not Graduating High School . . . So Her
The biggest regret in life for 99-year-old Audrey Crabtree from Waterloo, Iowa was not getting her high school diploma.
In 1932 when she was 17, Audrey missed a bunch of school after she got whiplash, and also had to take care of her sick grandmother.  So she fell one credit short.  Still, she led a great life, had a family including five grand kids and four GREAT grand kids, and ran a flower business for 28 years.  But she always talked about how she never got that diploma.  Well, back in July one of her grandchildren realized just HOW important it was to her and decided to make a few calls.  And at a ceremony on Monday, Audrey's high school presented her with a diploma . . . 81 years after she was supposed to graduate.  Audrey's family was on hand to watch it happen, as well as a bunch of seventh graders and their teacher who wanted them to see how important graduating is.  All of which made Audrey pretty emotional.  And when her high school's current principal gave her the diploma, she joked that she feels a whole lot smarter now.   

(WCF Courier)
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Three Burglars Were Arrested After Returning to the House They'd Just Robbed . .
Have you ever rented a moving truck that wasn't big enough, and had to make two trips?  You probably kicked yourself for not paying extra for the bigger one . . . but not as hard as THESE idiots are kicking themselves.
On Friday, three burglars in Winter Park, Florida decided to rob a woman's house while she wasn't home.  And they managed to pack $10,000 worth of stuff into the U-Haul they rented.  But they wanted MORE, so they left, unloaded the truck, and then went back for a second load.  But by that time, a neighbor had realized what was going on and called the woman who lived there.  So when they showed up with the empty U-Haul and realized she was HOME, they took off.  But the woman followed them in her car, called 911, and now they're facing charges for burglary, criminal mischief, and grand theft.  

(Sun Sentinel)
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A Man Was Evicted to Make Room for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 . . . and He'll Be
Tokyo was just awarded the Olympics for 2020, which is huge news for the city, and for the country of Japan.  Huge news for EVERYONE except one poor guy named Kohei Jinno.  The Olympics HATE Kohei Jinno.
Back in 1964, the last time Tokyo had the summer Olympics, Kohei was 30 years old.  His home and his tobacco shop were in a part of Tokyo that the city was going to turn into an Olympic park.  So they KICKED HIM OUT.  The city bulldozed his home, and he had to live in another town for two years until the government gave him a replacement home . . . near the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.  Now, nearly 50 years later, Kohei is 79, and still living in that home and running his tobacco shop.  But the Olympics are coming back to Tokyo in 2020, and the city wants to expand and modernize its stadium.  And that means . . . they're kicking Kohei out of his house AGAIN.  By the time the Olympics start, he'll be 86.  And he says, quote, "I don't want to see the Olympics at all.  Deep inside I have a kind of grudge against the Olympics.  I may go where you cannot set up a tobacco shop.  That means I will lose my reason for living."  

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A Google Street View Driver Hit a Car, Tried to Take Off, and Hit Two More Cars
Google's gotten a lot of attention for using SELF-DRIVING CARS to take photos for their mapping.  But if anyone was worried about self-driving cars causing accidents, remember this:  Human drivers are probably WORSE.
Last week, Google had an actual HUMAN driving around in one of their mapping cars, taking photos in Bogor, Indonesia.  Big mistake.  Apparently the guy slammed into a minivan . . . then drove off once he saw there was real damage.  I'm not sure how he thought he could make an inconspicuous getaway in a car with a giant camera rig on top, but he did.  And as he was fleeing the scene, he slammed into ANOTHER minivan . . . then bounced off and slammed into a THIRD car.  Finally, at that point, he gave up.  He was arrested . . . and there's been no word from Google.  By the way, the cops say the repairs to the first van he hit would've only cost him 200,000 Indonesia Rupiah . . . the equivalent of $17.50.  

(Daily Mail) 
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A Burger King Manager Takes Home a Bag of Cash, "Forgets" to Return It . . . The
One of the oldest excuses in the book for when you get caught doing something wrong is to say, "Ahh, I was testing you and you got me!  Well done.  You passed the test."  And it's ALWAYS a lie, 100% of the time.
32-year-old Montrale Hamilton is an assistant manager at a Burger King in Deltona, Florida.  Last Thursday, he saw a deposit bag with $1,400 sitting out, next to the safe.  The other assistant manager must've dropped it on the way to do deposits.  So Montrale took the bag of cash home.  He says it was to teach the other assistant manager a LESSON.  But on Friday, the OWNER of the Burger King realized the money was missing.  He checked the surveillance video and saw Montrale take the bag.  But when Montrale got to work, he'd FORGOTTEN to bring the bag.  Why, it's almost as if he WASN'T planning to teach a lesson and was just planning to keep the money.  The owner called the police.  On Saturday, Montrale was arrested for grand theft.  

(Daytona Beach News-Journal)
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An Italian Restaurant Closes in Texas, and Leaves a Sign Calling the Entire Town
An Italian restaurant in Amarillo, Texas called Sava Italiano just went out of business.  And they didn't leave town quietly . . . or graciously.
(CAREFUL . . .) Instead, the owners posted a sign on the door of the restaurant reading, quote, "You sorry [a**ed], rednecked sacks of goat [sp*rm] had no idea what you had here.  Good luck with your pre-packaged frozen [sh*t] food in this town.  "We are off to make money in a town whose average IQ is above room temperature.  Ciao!"  After the photo of the sign started circulating online, the restaurant posted on Facebook, quote, "Don't believe all you hear and see, folks."  But that post seems to have been spin . . . since they've already taken it down.  And there's strong evidence they really DID put up the sign . . . because it's posted on the locked glass door from the INSIDE.  The owners are planning to open a new restaurant in a city where people are much more sophisticated, and much less likely to have sex with their sisters . . . Lubbock, Texas.  

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A Bank Robber Falls Down a 210-Foot Garbage Chute . . . and Survives When He Lan
On Friday, 26-year-old Robin Gutheridge robbed a Chase bank branch in Syracuse, New York.  To hide from the cops, he went up to the 21st floor of an apartment building a few blocks away and tried to duck into the garbage chute.
Only the chute was STEEPER than he was expecting, and Robin FELL 210 FEET, all the way down to the ground floor.  But he survived . . . and it's all thanks to sweet, gentle garbage.  Robin was able to slow himself down a little by trying to hold the sides of the chute . . . then fell onto a huge pile of garbage.  He was still hospitalized with SEVERAL broken bones and internal injuries . . . but he was alive.  A maintenance worker heard him calling for help.  Detectives were already searching the building for him, so the maintenance man told them Robin was at the bottom of the garbage chute.  After he recovers from his injuries he'll be facing robbery charges.  

(Huffington Post)
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