Lubbock’s Rejuvenation

By Janet Tagupa Staff Intern

Lubbock is well on its way to becoming the entertainment hot spot for West Texas. Last month provided a successful sold out, five-show presentation at the United Supermarkets Arena for Garth Brook’s World Tour with Trisha Yearwood. Another music artist and legend, Willie Nelson will also be in town at the end of the month. Lubbock, just like the rest of Texas, is a country driven town, so there is no surprise at the well-received reception for Garth Brooks. But besides the preferred music genre, the community is longing for diverse and exciting entertainment. Getting the superstar here was not a sudden or unexpected happening. Although it is the most impactful entertainment act in Lubbock in some years, it will not be the pinnacle or abrupt halt on attracting other hot and in demand artists. The uphill progression has been a steady coming.

The transition of mainstream and pop culture staples landing in the Hub started three years ago with Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias as they added a second U.S. arena tour leg.

And as of recent, being able to host consecutive shows for Cirque du Soleil, hailing from Las Vegas last month was a great accomplishment and a great way to further cultivate the culture of the arts.

Students important to rejuvenation:

An important audience and force in the community is none other than the “Wreck ‘Em”, Red Raiders themselves. A great deal of the student body population of Texas Tech University is from Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and other states. Those students are used to and privileged with having a great variety and consistent flow of entertainment acts happening in their hometown. A great indication of attempting to cater to that younger audience is Daniel Tosh’s stand-up show that will take place at United Supermarkets Arena on April 30th. Soon, there won’t be any way anyone could say that there is nothing to do in Raiderland.

Another popular genre, hip-hop has also been making its mark with previous guests like 2 Chainz and Paul Wall. Lloyd Banks from the group, G-Unit and Wacka Flocka will make their appearances in the upcoming months.

Even the children and their hopeful parents will not be forgotten when it comes to engaging and wholesome entertainment. Elmo and his pals are going to make another friendly visit with a three show spectacular, Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music. Parents are just as devoted to providing their kids with amusement that will provide them with pleasant, lifelong memories.

As Lubbock grows, so will its artistic culture which will just nurture incredible energies and bonds. With the town’s already strong sense of community, it will only shine greater with the acts and shows that will allow the residents to come together. Maybe the entertainment platform hasn’t advanced as quickly as some people are hoping for but it is greatly reassuring knowing that Lubbock is making huge strides and committed to giving us bigger and better adventures.



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