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A Man Was Evicted to Make Room for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 . . . and He'll Be

Tokyo was just awarded the Olympics for 2020, which is huge news for the city, and for the country of Japan.  Huge news for EVERYONE except one poor guy named Kohei Jinno.  The Olympics HATE Kohei Jinno.
Back in 1964, the last time Tokyo had the summer Olympics, Kohei was 30 years old.  His home and his tobacco shop were in a part of Tokyo that the city was going to turn into an Olympic park.  So they KICKED HIM OUT.  The city bulldozed his home, and he had to live in another town for two years until the government gave him a replacement home . . . near the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.  Now, nearly 50 years later, Kohei is 79, and still living in that home and running his tobacco shop.  But the Olympics are coming back to Tokyo in 2020, and the city wants to expand and modernize its stadium.  And that means . . . they're kicking Kohei out of his house AGAIN.  By the time the Olympics start, he'll be 86.  And he says, quote, "I don't want to see the Olympics at all.  Deep inside I have a kind of grudge against the Olympics.  I may go where you cannot set up a tobacco shop.  That means I will lose my reason for living."  

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09/17/2013 7:37PM
A Man Was Evicted to Make Room for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 . . . and He'll Be Evicted Again, for
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