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A Woman Got Upset Over Her Missing Phone And Set an Apartment on Fire

It sucks when you can't find your phone.  Frustrating, even.  But this might be a SLIGHT overreaction.
On Friday, 21-year-old Manuella Lopez was at a friend's apartment in East Harlem, New York and couldn't find her cell phone.  And she went into a state of PURE RAGE.  We're not sure if she thought her friend had taken the phone, or she was just so upset it was missing that she needed to get revenge on the universe . . . but she decided to set the apartment ON FIRE.  She grabbed some of her friend's clothes, tossed them on the floor, poured gas on them, then tossed her lit cigarette on the pile.  Firefighters responded to the scene, but not before five people were injured . . . including an INFANT with minor burns.  One of the others was a man in the apartment with Lopez . . . he's still hospitalized in critical condition.  Lopez was arrested for assault, arson, reckless endangerment, and criminal mischief.  There's no word whether her phone has turned up.  

(New York Daily News)
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11/11/2013 8:23PM
A Woman Got Upset Over Her Missing Phone And Set an Apartment on Fire
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