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Kaden's Crazy News

3 Generations with the same Birthday!!!

March 24th is going to cost everyone in this family a FORTUNE in presents.  They'd better start saving now . . .


Last Sunday, on March 24th, a baby named Olivia was born in Devon, England.  And March 24th is ALSO her MOTHER'S birthday.  But get this . . . HER mother's birthday was ALSO March 24th.


Nicky Woodgate is the grandmother.  She was born on March 24th, 1962, and turned 51 this year.  Her daughter . . . Natasha Woodgate . . . was born on March 24th, 1992.  She turned 21 this year, and just had Olivia on March 24th.


Olivia wasn't supposed to be born on the 24th . . . she was actually due on the 19th.  But she showed up five days late, giving all three women in the family the same birthday.


The odds of a grandmother, mother, and daughter all having the same birthday are 133,225 to one.  And the odds of Olivia having a child on March 24th one day are . . . 48 million to one.


(Daily Mail)

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04/01/2013 9:24PM
Kaden's Crazy News
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