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Man's Best Friend.... Until Pudding Is Involved!

A burglar breaks in and feeds the family dog pudding... So the dog decides to go with him!!

If this happened to me, I'd be angry at the burglar . . . but I'd be even ANGRIER at my dog.


On Saturday night, a couple in East Wenatchee, Washington came home and found a BURGLAR in their kitchen.  And their dog, a lab-pitbull mix named Buddy, wasn't attacking the burglar . . . because the guy was feeding Buddy some PUDDING.


The burglar turned out to be 38-year-old Jason McDaniel, and the couple asked him what he was doing there . . . as you do when you find a burglar in your house, feeding your dog pudding. 


Jason told them he was looking for a guy to KILL.  And when the couple explained that the guy he was looking for didn't live there, Jason decided to leave.


And as he walked out . . . Buddy the dog WENT WITH HIM.  Apparently all it took was a little pudding to COMPLETELY shift Buddy's loyalty to Jason.


The cops tracked Jason down and arrested him for residential burglary.  But they DIDN'T find Buddy at his apartment . . . so now Buddy is MISSING.


(Wenatchee World)

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04/10/2013 6:43PM
Man's Best Friend.... Until Pudding Is Involved!
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