Alamo Drafthouse / Mix 100.3 Summer Of Love Brunch Movie Series

Join Mix 100.3 all summer long as we are hosting special Saturday brunch screenings of some of the greatest romantic films of all time at Alamo Drafthouse.

Your ticket includes a ticket to the movie, one glass of sparkling wine, and your choice of Belgian Waffles (with cream cheese, strawberries, whipped cream, powdered sugar) or our Migas Frittata (tortilla chips, cheddar, bell pepper, red onion and serrano baked with egg. Topped with Siracha-sour cream, cilantro and cotija cheese).

Coming up July 8th get ready for Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies is the film that earned Robert Duvall his only Oscar win in, and it certainly shows in his role as Mac Sledge. Mac is the sort of┬ácharacter that has become something of an archetype in the 34 years since this film was first released, but Duvall approaches the role with such soul that he creates solid country gold. Mac Sledge is an aging country has-been who drank away his career, and now inhabits a never-ending cycle of drunken nights in seedy Honky Tonks. After one particularly bad night Mac wakes up from a stupor induced by a bottle to the head to find he’s in a hotel owned by a young widow named Rosa Lee (Tess Harper) who lives with her young son aptly named sonny. When Rosa Lee agrees to let Mac pay off the hotel bill he can’t afford by working for her, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and hard truths that just might be his salvation.


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