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A Woman Spends a Month in Jail Over Possession of SpaghettiOs?

I'm going to resist blurting out "Uh oh, SpaghettiOs" here . . . but I assure you, it will take ALL the discipline within me.

23-year-old Ashley Gabrielle Huff of Gainesville, Florida was driving on July 2nd when the cops pulled her over . . . and spotted a spoon in her car covered in a, quote, "suspicious residue."

They assumed it was from drugs, probably meth, and arrested her. She swore it wasn't meth, but spent more than a MONTH in jail until the crime lab came back with an analysis of the substance on the spoon.

It turned out to be . . . sauce from SpaghettiOs.

Ashley says she told the cops it was SpaghettiOs back when she was arrested, but they didn't believe her. They also say she had sores on her that looked like a meth addict's . . . and had a pipe in the car.

But after the test proved it was just a spoonful of SpaghettiOs, Ashley was released. And now she's planning to sue the police and D.A.'s office for malicious prosecution and unlawful arrest.

(Gainesville Times)
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A Pregnant Woman Successfully Fights Off a Purse Snatcher

When you're nine months pregnant, you never know what's going to induce that baby to FINALLY come out. Spicy food? Jumping rope? Yelling at him? Here's a new one to add to the list: FIGHTING CRIME.

A woman in Flint, Michigan who was nine months pregnant was in the parking lot at a grocery store last Thursday afternoon, when 30-year-old Mark Newton ran up and grabbed her purse.

The woman managed to chase him down and CATCH him, even though she was massively pregnant. He pushed her down . . . and that's when two strangers saw what was going on and got involved.

They grabbed Mark and got the woman's purse back . . . then the woman's family held Mark down until the cops got there. He was arrested for unarmed robbery.

And the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy later that day.

(CBS 62 - Detroit / Flint Journal)
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Three Women Team Up to Surprise Cheating Boyfriend at the Airport

Love rat pack
This is straight out of a movie. Literally . . . they just made a bad Cameron Diaz movie called "The Other Woman" where this happens.

20-year-old Charlie Fisher of Hertfordshire, England has been dating THREE different women without them knowing about each other. That would be fine if things weren't serious . . . but he's been with all three for at least seven months.

The women didn't know about each other until one of them saw a text on Charlie's phone from another woman. When she wrote back to the woman asking who she was . . . she said she was Charlie's GIRLFRIEND.

They started talking on Twitter, and tracked down a THIRD woman he was dating.

Charlie was on vacation in Germany and Iceland the entire time, and the women decided that would be a great time to get revenge. So when he got through customs and walked out of the airport, all THREE of his girlfriends were there waiting for him.

Apparently he was shocked, so he said, quote, "Can I talk to you later?" Then he ran to the parking lot where his grandma was waiting to pick him up. The women followed him out screaming at him, but he took off.

(Daily Mail)
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A Drug Dealer Tells a Customer He's "Too Smart" to Get Caught . . . He's Not!!

There's nothing as perfect as an idiot criminal who THINKS he's a genius criminal . . . and that's EXACTLY what we've got here.

45-year-old Adalberto Ramiro-diaz of Port St. Lucie, Florida has been running a pretty massive drug dealing operation out of his house.

At one point recently, a customer was over at his house looking at his massive stash of drugs and guns, and asked him how he'd never been caught. And Adalberto told him he was TOO SMART to get caught.

But the customer he told that to was . . . an undercover cop.

The cops arrested him last week on a ton of drug and weapons charges. They also found a fake FBI badge in his house during their search.

(South Florida Sun-Sentinel / NBC 5 - West Palm Beach)
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A Woman Pulls a Gun on a Gardener Because His Leaf Blower Was Too Loud

I know Florida's REALLY loose on its gun laws, but I'm still pretty sure it's not legal to stand your ground against yard work.

26-year-old Gina Briggs of Ormond Beach, Florida was in her apartment on Monday morning, when she heard a gardener outside using a leaf blower to get some grass clippings off the sidewalk.

And the sound of the leaf blower just pushed her TOO FAR.

So she grabbed her gun, stormed outside, pointed the gun in the gardener's face, and told him he was making too much noise. The gardener took off running, hid behind his truck, and called the cops.

Gina was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

While the cops were taking her to jail, she told them, quote, "I should've [effing] shot the guy in the head for waking me up but I forgot to load the [effing] gun."

(Daytona Beach News-Journal)

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A Man Stabs a Coworker For Eating His Meatball

When you work at an office, the only thing that gets you through the morning is dreaming about lunch. So if someone MESSES with your lunch, all bets are off. We're thinking that's EXACTLY what happened here.

A 31-year-old guy and his 36-year-old coworker in Fallston, Maryland were eating lunch together last week, when DISASTER struck . . . the 31-year-old said the other guy ate one of his MEATBALLS.

(The guys' names and the name of the business weren't released.)

They got into a fight . . . it escalated . . . and the 31-year-old ended up STABBING his coworker in the arm.

The 36-year-old was hospitalized and treated. Police have issued a warrant for the other guy's arrest.

(Baltimore Sun)
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A Guy Built a Replica of His Living Room in a Kennel

I know people worry about their pets when they go on vacation, and will do anything to make them comfortable while they're gone . . . but THIS is ridiculous.

This happened back in April, but we're just hearing about it now. A guy in Norway named Kia went to Thailand with his family, and had to put their bulldog Igor in a kennel. And Kia was worried Igor wouldn't feel at home there. Even though it looks like a pretty nice kennel, from what we've seen online.

But apparently that wasn't enough for Kia. So instead of hiring a housesitter . . . which seems like something he could afford . . . he built a replica of their LIVING ROOM in one of the oversized cages AT the kennel.

And he wanted it to look EXACTLY the same. So he put down a rug and carpet, brought their couch in, set up a coffee table, and hung pictures on the walls.

He even put up WALLS in the cage and PAINTED them, so it would look the same. (Because dogs love the headache-inducing smell of fresh paint?)

According to the YouTube video of it, the guy's family and Igor all loved the surprise.

(UPI / YouTube)
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A Man Catches a Burglar and the Burglar Offers to Mow the Guy's Lawn

If you get caught robbing a house in Florida and DON'T get shot on sight, it should be considered a victory.

25-year-old Bryan Remley broke into a house in St. Petersburg, Florida last week. Joseph Cihak lives there . . . he woke up when he heard a noise, grabbed his GUN, and headed downstairs.

He saw Bryan and fired two shots at him. Both shots missed and the gun jammed . . . but Joseph had guns for days and ran to grab another one.

Bryan laid down and surrendered in the kitchen, and when Joseph got back, he decided NOT to shoot Bryan . . . but said he was going to hold Bryan there at gunpoint until the cops showed up.

And that's when Bryan tried to negotiate. He apparently offered the best thing he could think of . . . and said if Joseph let him go, he'd MOW HIS LAWN.

Joseph rejected the offer . . . and Bryan was arrested for burglary.

(Tampa Bay Times)
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The Key to a Great Nap Is . . . Drinking Coffee Right Before?

Coffee and naps are supposed to be bitter enemies . . . totally incompatible forces that can never coexist. OR SO YOU THOUGHT.

Studies out of both Japan and England just found that the key to a great nap is . . . drinking COFFEE right before you lie down.

Researchers found that if you drink a cup of coffee, then take a 20-minute nap, you'll sleep better AND you'll be more alert when you wake up. In other words, coffee plus a nap is more effective than JUST coffee or JUST a nap.

Here's why: When you're tired, it's because of a molecule called adenosine. Sleeping and caffeine both clear out adenosine, but it takes them both a little time to get rid of it.

So if you nap during that time, you're doing double duty on clearing it out . . . which will help you wake up VERY refreshed.

But it only works if you stick to a 20-minute nap. If you sleep longer, you'll go into the deeper stages of sleep, which will counteract all the positives.

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A Dog Accidentally Sets a House on Fire??

A dog is getting blamed for setting a house on FIRE over the weekend . . . although we're suspicious. The circumstances seem pretty far-fetched. Is it possible the cops' only witness is a CAT?

Here's what allegedly went down. A family in Lacey Township, New Jersey left their dog home alone on Friday night . . . and somehow he managed to turn the stove on with his paws or mouth.

But for some reason, someone in the family had left a LAPTOP sitting on the stove . . . because where ELSE would you keep your laptop, right? The laptop caught on fire, the fire spread, and the house started burning.

Fortunately the fire department was able to put the fire out and no one was injured . . . including the dog.

(Asbury Park Press / Huffington Post)
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It's Science . . . Shaving Your Body Hair Doesn't Make It Grow Back Thicker or F

Do you avoid shaving your body hair, because you're afraid it's going to grow back thicker? We all do.  
Scientists at a hospital in Winston-Salem, North Carolina just proved we've all been believing a MYTH.  Shaving or waxing your hair does NOT make it grow back thicker.
They say people believe the myth because shaving CAN make your hair SEEM thicker . . . because the little stubble that's left is darker or coarser than the hair before it's cut.  But . . . shaving doesn't have any effect on how the hair grows back.
Their study also found shaving doesn't make your hair grow back FASTER . . . that's a myth too. 

(Scientific American)
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One Out of 12 People Never Recover From a Break-Up

After a relationship ends and you're devastated, your friends will try to help you by saying eventually you'll get over it, move on, and feel better.  But what if you don't?
 A new study found that some people NEVER really get over a bad break-up.
About one in 12 people say they're still scarred from the end of a relationship and always will be.
The study also found that for the average person, it takes about one month for every year you spent together to get over the relationship.  So if you were together three years, it'll take three months until you can move on.
Women take 20% longer than men to get over relationships.
On the other side of things . . . 10% of men and 5% of women said after their last relationship ended, they felt liberated and relieved.

(Daily Mail)
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A Man Has Kept All His Nail Clippings In A Jar -- Since 1978!

Richard Gibson keeps his most cherished item on a shelf in his Lafayette, Louisianaa, home.

It's not a picture of his loved ones, nor a prized trophy, it's a jar containing every single toenail and fingernail he's clipped off himself since February, 1978.

"I remember it well. I still have the manicure kit," he told The Huffington Post.

Gibson, a 58-year-old oil investor, was clipping his toenails when he decided to put the clippings into the manicure box instead of the trash can.

"I started doing it again and again and then decided to see how long it would take to fill the box," he said proudly.

It took only two years to fill the box, but by then he was hooked, and moved his collection to the glass jar he currently uses.

"I have no idea how many nails are in the jar," Gibson said. "It's well into the thousands."

richard gibson toenail

Gibson's commitment to his keratin collection hasn't been easy at times. He says his ex-wife used to insist he hide the jar when visitors came to the house.

However, it's finally paid off: A picture of Gibson proudly holding the jar appears in the newest Ripley's Believe It Or Not! book, "Reality Shock!" debuting Sept. 9.

"I haven't told her," he said. "I'm waiting until I can show her the book. She's always been annoyed by them."

Gibson figures the jar is 99 percent full, but hasn't thought about what to do when the last toenail reaches the tippy-top.

"I don't know what I'll do," he said. "I'll probably put them into something else. I've got enough room for several more months worth of nails."

Surprisingly, he has no set schedule for adding to the jar.

"I only cut them when I break a fingernail or toenail," he said. "I don't cut them that often -- they're long."

Nails are the only clippings Gibson collects. He is a longtime fan of Ripley's Believe It Or Not! who has submitted 70,000 weird facts for inclusion in the popular column.

"I've had 750 of them printed, but this is the first time I've made it into one of the books," he said. "It's not like winning an Oscar, but I am proud."

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A Woman Called 911 Because a Guy Wouldn't Leave Her Alone . . . After She Stole

A 20-year-old woman in Seattle called 911 from a gas station on Saturday afternoon, because a 21-year-old man was FOLLOWING her and wouldn't leave her alone.
But when the police got there, they found out she'd omitted a KEY detail.

The reason the guy wouldn't stop following her was . . . she'd just STOLEN his cell phone.

He was on a bus listening to music on his phone, when the music suddenly stopped.  He looked up and saw the woman had taken his phone . . . then she and a friend got off.  So, he chased after them.
The woman said she DIDN'T take the phone, but the police saw a bulge in her pocket . . . which turned out to be the phone, and a few grams of crack.
She was arrested for robbery and drug possession. 

(ABC 4 - Seattle)

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A Thief Is Caught When He Stops to Pee . . . and Pees Into a Wasp's Nest

Apparently when you rob a pet store, the entire animal kingdom turns against you.

29-year-old Jamie Brown of Leeds, England stole a $335 fish tank from a pet store over the weekend, then took off running.  As he ran through some woods nearby, he stopped to pee in a bush.
But he didn't realize there was a WASP'S NEST in the bush . . . and he was peeing right into it. 
Obviously that woke up the wasps, who ATTACKED him.  Jamie took off running from the wasps, back toward the pet store . . . where the police were investigating the robbery.
He was arrested for theft. 

(Daily Mirror)

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'Saved by the Bell' Star Dustin Diamond Doesn't Want to Be a Jerk Anymore

The actor behind Screech on his fake sex tape, the Mark-Paul Gosselaar comments, and why he’s confused Breckin Meyer hates him—he’s never met the guy before.

Twenty-five years ago, people thought Dustin Diamond was cute.

He was Screech, the nerdy and over-earnest goofball—TV’s pioneer “adorkable” character—who got to hang with the cool kids on Saved by the Bell, a Saturday morning campy comedy that mixed wholesome humor with preachy social messages into a cocktail that turned the slight series into a pop-culture phenomenon. On August 20, the show will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its premiere, and in the years since Screech first walked the halls of Bayside High, people have thought many (many) different things about Dustin Diamond. Cute was not among them.
In a self-described effort to shake the ghost of Screech and kick off the goody-two-shoes legacy of Saved by the Bell, Diamond began, publicly, to play the role of the bad guy. But the choices he made—putting on the persona of a first-rate jackass on the VH1 reality series Celebrity Fit Club, releasing a so-called sex tape, and attaching his name as author of a sordid and seemingly preposterous tell-all about his years at Bayside called Behind the Bell —didn’t broaden Diamond’s image and make him more castable in the eyes of Hollywood. It made him seem like a douchebag that no one wanted to work with.
In recent years, however, Diamond’s moved on from trying to distance himself from Screech and is embracing the popularity of the character and the show instead—particularly as, with each passing year, the ’90s nostalgia that seems to drive the Internet gets more potent. Case in point of this shift: Diamond will join the cast of the hit New York City musical Bayside! The Musical!, a made-with-love spoof of Saved by the Bell presented by National Lampoon. Beginning August 27, Diamond will play a version of himself in the show, which has scored largely positive reviews from critics since it debuted in March 2013.
Still, Diamond is finding the reputation he's accrued over the past decade hard to lose. It reared its head just last week when his former Saved by the Bell classmate Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played blond stud Zack Morris, and his Franklin & Bash co-star Breckin Meyer trashed Diamond in a joint interview with HuffPost Live. Gosselaar bashed Diamond’s involvement with the tell-all Behind the Bell, calling him “negative,” while Meyer pushed further, calling Diamond “such a dick.”
In a long phone call that spanned everything from the sex tape to Behind the Bell to his musical theater debut to Gosselaar and Meyer’s recent comments, Diamond defended himself to The Daily Beast and expressed his desire to turn a new leaf in his relationship with Saved by the Bell. His comments were as enthusiastic and seemingly genuine as they were long, rambling, and, at times, over-defensive and a little manic. It’s his side of the story, and should be taken as just that—his side—but with Diamond set to sing and dance about Saved by the Bell later this month, we thought we’d give him the chance to talk about it, too.
I hear you’re about to do some singing and dancing.
Yeah! Bayside! The Musical! I’ve had a blast at the show before. I’ve been there twice now, and I’m looking forward to coming in for a long third run.
So will you really be singing and doing all that musical theater-y stuff?
Oh, I think I’ll leave most of it a surprise, but I will say there will be some singing. I don’t want to give away too much, but there’s a lot of interaction that I helped write and create to insert myself into the show in meaningful ways that make sense. That don’t feel like blatant pop-ins that don’t need to be there.
Are you a good singer? I think the only glimpse we’ve ever gotten as to whether you were musically inclined was in the Snow White and the 7 Dorks rapping episode of Saved by the Bell.
[Laughs] Nothing done as Screech is a good representation. I am not anywhere close to being any kind of a Broadway singer or professional. I wouldn’t even trick myself into thinking I could hold a candle to the professionals out there. But I know how to control my voice and sit within my vocal range. I’ve always been musically inclined. I had a band. I played bass. I have perfect pitch. I’ve always been gifted at that.
So you are a really good singer, then?
Long story short is when I was younger I had to do a role where I had to smoke, and I’m not a smoker. Back then there were no vapor cigarettes for you simulate smoking. So I taught myself how to smoke cigarettes for this film role and it ended up killing my really, really high range. But at that point I didn’t foresee a musical career. But the way they’re working me into the show is more of a comedic role anyway, so it will all fit and all make sense.
Is it wild to hear that all these years later there’s still such an obsession with Saved by the Bell?
Yeah, and especially me, because the Screech character was so hard to shake. Especially with something this big, you have the natural process that kind of occurs with everybody. It’s kind of like a band that at some point gets sick of playing the same songs. They hate these certain songs and they don’t want to play them again. They despise them. Then eventually they come back and they embrace them again. It’s a natural process, and it happens with actors as well.
It happened to you?
There’s a period where I rebelled against Screech. I was like, “Man, I’m an actor.” After giving off the Screech role I wanted to do other things, and people would say, “I like you but we see too much Screech in it.” I’m like, “Well, I can’t change my bone structure.” So I kind of had a love/hate relationship with the character for a while. I thought that it held me back a lot, even though I was so proud of it. I matured later in life. I’ve had a job since I was 8, you realize, so I never grew up with everyone else. So instead of having rebellious teens, I had my rebellious 20s. So now in my 30s I’m full circle and back in the embrace mode.
What do you consider your rebellious 20s?
During that rebellious time I did that Celebrity Fit Club, where I played the bad guy. That was all scripted. None of that was real.
Celebrity Fit Club was scripted!?
Yeah. I had to gain weight to even be on the show. I had to keep it between me and producers. I couldn’t tell the other cast members about it. And, like, I’m not mean at all. I’m the most approachable, laid-back guy in the world. I like to laugh more than anything else. But I thought that being the bad guy on TV would show me in a believable light to convince casting directors to put me in Breaking Bad, or Dexter, or Law & Order.
Was the sex tape part of the plan, too? To prove that you’re not Screech anymore?
Yeah, that was all designed by me. What I didn’t foresee was that it would backfire in the way that people would think, “Oh, he’s a jerk. He’s hard to deal with. He’s an ass.” I was like, wow, eight weeks of so-called reality TV makes people undo years of how they’ve grown up with someone. The problem is that I didn’t see it from the fan perspective. I saw it from the behind-the-camera eye, because that’s what I know. So reality TV, I see the TV part, whereas everyone else sees the reality part. But it was directed reality, scripted reality. It wasn’t real. But after doing that I faked the porn, and that was an ordeal.
I’d say doing the porn was an ordeal, yeah.
At the time everyone was doing a sex tape. I thought that it was crazy, because when you grow up in front of the camera you know better. Colin Farrell and Johnny Knoxville and Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, and then Paris Hilton came out with one. My buddy and I were sitting on the couch and her video came on the news, and they were saying that it was confirmed that she had business relations with this video and was making money off of each one sold. They said it was rumored she made $14 million in revenue from that. So my friend said, “Damn, buddy! A Screech video’s gotta be worth at least a million!” I was like, “You know, you might be right!”
So then you did it.
I put the thing together. I got a stunt wang. I’m not an idiot. I’m not going to really put myself out there. So I got a stunt person to come in. And I thought, what if this thing makes $3 million? That’s nothing to scoff at. But after that people looked at me dirty, like, “He does porn.” No, I don’t! I faked that one at a chance for millions. I’m an opportunist, really. Needless to say it did not make millions. But I had to take the shot. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t.
But then something changed, right? Because it seems like you’ve been embracing the Screech association lately.
That’s crazy. But, yeah, we’re all getting older, but every year brings us back to remembering our youth and where the good times were. Those things are so popular. It’s funny because, after all this stuff, and I wrote my book. Well, my book wasn’t written by me, really, it was written by a ghost writer.
You’ve said you regretted the release of that book, haven’t you?
Yeah. It was written by a ghost writer. I talked to a guy a few times, so there were people up in arms, “Oh! He’s putting all this trash out.” But I was like, “I didn’t even write it!” It has my name on it, but it was written by a ghost writer. So the things like that, the Fit Club, the porn, and the book were kind of like the one, two, three of the bad-boy image. But I’m done with that. Like I said, I think it backfired a bit. But honestly, on the flip side, I think it did break the image. People did only see me as an 11-year-old goofball from a Saturday morning campy TV show. I loved the show and I loved the characters and I think it’s funny, and it’s wonderfully campy when you watch it, but there’s a separation that needs to happen when I go out and I’m talking to adults. So in a situation like Bayside! The Musical, the whole thing is so tongue and cheek it’s all making fun of that and showing love for it as well.  
Well, on top of all the other hoopla surrounding Saved by the Bell, the trailer for the Lifetime movie The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story came out today.
I’m executive producer on that movie!
So is this movie going to be salacious? The conversation surrounding seems to at least be hoping for that.
It’s going to be happy. Here’s the thing. It was based on my book, loosely, but that’s not to be taken seriously because the production staff and everybody knows that the way it worked was that I talked to a guy on the phone for a few hours. He was from a French Canadian publishing company, a first-time writer. They didn’t want to trust with me 80,000 words so they gave me a ghost writer. So I talked to him on the phone and he was supposed to take that and write a transcript and fill it out with stories. It tells stories like it’s coming from me, but at one point it refers to someone as a “douchenozzle.” I’ve never used that word in my life. So it’s all coming from this guy who I spoke to a few times. And I was supposed to get a draft copy of the book to proofread, but I never did. I got a final copy, which was what was going to press. I was like, “What the hell? This isn’t right. This isn’t right.”
So you’re saying the stories in Behind the Bell weren’t true?
While there are some truths to the book and details that are accurate, there’s a lot where he just took his own freedom and his own rein. And then people, because of the past with me being a bad boy and because I was revealing dirt, looked at that in a very negative light. That’s not how I intended that. I’m not a walking anger bomb. So long story short, I think when this movie comes out, it’s going to surprise people because it’s not salacious, it’s not dirty, it’s not negative. It’s embracing all the positive things that happened and clarifying certain things. I think it’s going to be pretty enjoyable. I think everyone’s going to like it, including the other cast members.
But the title of the movie is The Unauthorized Story. I mean, calling it that is probably why people are expecting it to be salacious and along the lines of what the book was.
No, it’s definitely going to be in a positive light. It’s not out to trash anybody or put anybody down or make anybody look in a negative way. That was never the intent, so it’s definitely not the way it’s going to end up.
So this is all pegged to the 25th anniversary of the show. I remember back at the 20th anniversary People magazine did that cover, but you weren’t on it.
That People magazine cover was notorious because at that time period people said I wasn’t invited. That’s not true at all.
So why weren’t you there?
I do stand-up comedy. I’ve been doing it 40-something weeks out of the year for 16 years now. I had a theater that I was doing, and I wasn’t about to cancel a 2,000-seat audience to take a photo shoot in L.A. and have to fly myself out there on my own dime to put myself up. All for a photo shoot, when people have millions and millions of photos of us anyway. My snarky response, because people were snapping at me about it, is that I would say, “Let me ask you this. Do you remember what they said about Mario Lopez in that article?”
I can’t say that I do.
Exactly. Nobody does. That’s the point! Nobody remembers that. That didn’t help anybody’s career. So I would trap everyone with that, by innocently asking if they remembered what they said about Mark-Paul or Tiffani. Of course they don’t. It was just a coffee table book that was thrown away. “That’s interesting,” and that’s it. So for me to fly myself out there and cancel a sold-out show, that wasn’t going to happen. Then people went on the Internet and started saying, “Oh, it’s because they hate him.” They don’t hate me. In fact, I haven’t talked to a lot of them. I talk to Mario sometimes and Dennis and I’ve talked to Lark. But Mark-Paul and Tiffani and Elizabeth? I haven’t talked to those guys in years.
Is there a reason you haven’t talked?
When I was young and all those old bonds were being made, I was 11, and they were like 15. That gap is insurmountable at that age. When I’m getting out of junior high and they’re going into college and high school is an ocean that was never shared together at the same time by us? That’s a huge thing. No one who is drinking legally at bars wants to hang out with someone who doesn’t have their driving license yet. They were much older than me, so we weren’t tight, tight friends other than the bond we had on stage. It’s not a sad story or a sob story, it’s one of those things that’s just a fact of life.
Why do you think everyone loves to seize on any hint of discord or bad blood between you guys? That interview Mark-Paul did last week calling you “negative” got a ton of play on the Internet.
Why are there Internet trolls would be a better question. Here’s the thing, Breckin Meyer was the one really going at it. Mark-Paul gave the trained response we learned together at NBC when we were kids. He did the professional “Don’t say anything too bad” and just keep it to “I don’t remember anything but the good times from that.” Safe answers. Breckin Meyer was the one who went more off the handle. A lot of people do that for ratings—I don’t know what his reason was for. But he even said, “I’ve never met Dustin.” So how can he say these things when he’s never met me? We’ve never shared a conversation, we’ve never met face to face. We’ve never been in the same room. That makes me judge someone, personally.
That’s fair.
I consider myself to be an intelligent person, and I like intelligent people. For me, an intelligent person, in my mind, does not just look at things they read on the Internet and instantly believe them and judge someone else they’ve never met. Especially if you know that there’s trash written about that person. If you’re in the public eye you know that there’s haters for them, too. Obviously the more popular you are the more you’re going to get it, which I guess I should be flattered about. The reason people fed on this story is because my character and persona got so massive. People in Budapest and Bangladesh know who Screech is. Breckin I’m sure is a nice guy and there might be some blind loyalty to his co-star, but I don’t know all the things he’s been in. I know he’s been in Clueless, but that’s about it. But if you say Screech or the guy from Clueless, who are people going to know? So the bigger the name, the more attention it’s going to draw.
So before I let you go, what do you hope is going to be the outcome from doing Bayside! The Musical! and revisiting Screech again?
I don’t make any moves for “career moves,” per se. It’s hard to gauge because things change so much. As far as doing this musical, I’m doing it because I like the people and I like the cast. I think it’s really fun. I started out in theater so it’s a step back to that and to my roots, so to speak. I like that. I’m at home on stage. I’m at home performing. I’ve been doing it 29 years and I think it’s a nice opportunity to be in New York and close to family and friends and have an experience I’ve never had before. I’ve never lived in New York. So I’m looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to making new friends. I’m looking forward to, overall, having a good experience in life. That’s what I’m really positive about. I don’t tend to look at this as something that’s good for my career down the line or that it will mean money later. I don’t look at things like that. I like the craft, and I like the work, and I like the people.

by Kevin Fallon
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Guy Falls Off a Train And Instead of Getting Help, Another Passenger Drinks His

This isn't going to help Russia's reputation when it comes to alcohol . . . not to mention their growing reputation for being cold, calculating, and merciless.
There's a story circulating around in the Russian press about an incident on a train a few days ago.
A guy was on a train from Moscow to a town called Petushki about two hours east.  He opened a door on the train to get some fresh air, the train made a sharp turn, and he got THROWN to the ground.
Another guy saw it happen, and instead of getting help . . . he started drinking the BEER the other guy had left behind.  Then he stole the guy's luggage.
There's no word on the guy's condition, or whether the cops are looking into it. 

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A News Crew Was Reporting on "Sketchy" Neighborhoods and Their News Van Got Robb

There's a new navigation app called SketchFactor that's designed to help you avoid "sketchy" neighborhoods.  Naturally, people think it's racist, and USUALLY that alone would be enough to get it a bunch of publicity.

But it got an even better jolt of publicity on Friday . . . because it was totally RIGHT.
A local CBS news team in Washington D.C. was doing a story on the app, and they sent a reporter into an area called Petworth in northwest D.C. that the app deemed "sketchy." 
The reporter was interviewing people, asking them how they felt about the whole thing.  And as he interviewed them . . . the news van got broken into and ROBBED.
Some thieves stole equipment, an iPad, an iPhone, clothes, and more from the reporter, an intern, and the cameraman.
The intern used the "Find My Phone" feature to track down where the thieves had gone with the stuff.  The news crew tracked it to a dumpster where they found some of the stuff . . . but thousands of dollars worth of the gear is still missing. 

(CBS 9 - Washington D.C.)
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A Guy Bought Every Apple Pie So the Obnoxious Kid Behind Him Couldn't Get One

There's a story online that we can't PROVE is real . . . but we sure hope it is. 
A guy says he was at a Burger King after a really bad day, and a woman and her kid got in line behind him.  She was on her phone, and the kid was out of control . . . yelling, hitting her, and going on and on about how he wanted a, quote, "[effing] apple pie."
So the guy asked the woman if she could quiet the kid down, because he had a headache. But the woman yelled that it was none of his business how she raised her kid, called her kid "sweetie," and promised he'd have his apple pie soon.
Then when the guy finally got to the front of the line, he asked how many apple pies they had in stock.  They told him 23.  And he bought ALL of them . . . just so the kid couldn't get one.
As he walked away with the pies, he heard the woman yelling at the clerk asking how they could be out of apple pies.
Consumerist.com is doing a poll on what the guy did:   55% say it was a brilliant lesson for the mom and the kid, 4% say the guy was a jerk for doing it, and 40% say the guy wasn't mean ENOUGH . . . he should have handed the pies out to everyone ELSE.

(Reddit / Consumerist)
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A Man Mauled by a Bear Was Saved By His Justin Bieber Ringtone

You heard it here first:  JUSTIN BIEBER saves lives.

42-year-old Igor Vorozhbitsyn is a fisherman in northern Russia.  And he was out fishing last week when a giant BROWN BEAR jumped him from behind.
The bear started mauling him, slashing his face and chest.  But just as the bear was about to land the death blow, Igor's PHONE rang . . . and his ringtone was "Baby" by Justin Bieber.
And it was loud enough that it startled the bear and made him run away.
There's nothing specific about Justin Bieber's music that makes it particularly good at repelling bears . . . basically, any loud and surprising noise could've shocked the bear and made him run off.  But it WAS Bieber, so he gets the credit here.
As for why a 42-year-old Russian man had a Justin Bieber ringtone . . . he says, quote, "my granddaughter loaded it onto my phone for a joke." 

(Daily Mail
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