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A Woman Assaulted Her Neighbor With a Snow Blower

Anyone who helped their neighbors dig out from the snowstorm this week definitely earned some brownie points. This woman isn't one of them.

On Tuesday, 61-year-old Barbara Davis was dealing with about two feet of snow outside her home in Arlington, Massachusetts, just outside Boston.

And it's not clear what prompted it, but she started fighting with a 60-year-old woman who lives next door. Apparently they have an ongoing hatred for each other . . . since the woman recently got a restraining order against Barbara.

And it looks like the judge who approved it made a good call . . . because Tuesday's argument ended with Barbara assaulting her with a SNOW BLOWER.

It's not clear if she hit her with it, blew snow at her, or both. But the neighbor ended up with cuts on her foot, so it sounds like Barbara rammed her with the BLADES.

She's being held on $35,000 bail, and is charged with mayhem, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and violating a restraining order.

(CBS Boston / MyFoxBoston)
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Was "Batman and Robin" the Worst Movie of the 1990s?

Readers of the website Rifftrax.com have chosen the 20 worst movies of the 1990s, and GEORGE CLOONEY's "Batman and Robin" came out on top. Here's their Top 10 . . .

1. "Batman and Robin"

2. "Battlefield Earth"

3. "Super Mario Brothers"

4. "Star Wars - Episode 1: The Phantom Menace"

5. America's first attempt at "Godzilla"

6. "Kazaam" . . . a.k.a. Shaq's genie movie

7. "Troll 2"

8. "Bio-Dome" . . . starring the one and only Pauly Shore

9. "Cool as Ice" . . . which, of course, starred Vanilla Ice

10. "Waterworld".
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A Guy Brags on Facebook About His 16 Warrants and Is Immediately Arrested

I'm not sure I'll EVER get sick of idiots who brag about their crimes on Facebook, then get arrested as a result. Millennial criminals are the best.

22-year-old Eddie Smith of Mineral Wells, Texas posted a status update on Facebook back on the 20th. It said, quote, "So, I have 16 warrants out right now. Lol they know where I'm at tho so, it must not be TOO bad."

But one of his 'friends' saw the post and forwarded it to the COPS. And even if the warrants weren't bad, like Eddie said . . . bragging about them WAS. So the cops went to his house and arrested him that day.

It turns out he was wrong, by the way . . . he only had 14 warrants, for things ranging from an expired car inspection sticker to petty theft. He also owed about $1,200 in fines.

He couldn't pay the fines . . . and just got 51 days in jail.

(Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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A Guy Drove in the Carpool Lane With Two People He'd Kidnapped

This is one of the better excuses to drive in the carpool lane we've heard . . . and also the most fitting way possible for this guy to get caught.

26-year-old Luis Moreno Jr. of Elizabeth, New Jersey was pulled over on Friday because he was driving his SUV in the carpool lane . . . and a cop only saw HIM.

But it turns out there WERE two other people in the car. Two guys were in his backseat . . . because he'd KIDNAPPED them.

That's right . . . this guy used his two kidnapping victims as a rationale for using the carpool lane. And got CAUGHT kidnapping them BECAUSE he was in that lane.

The two kidnapping victims were a 24-year-old and 33-year-old, neither of whom spoke English.

The police think they're immigrants, and that Luis picked them up in Texas and demanded money when they got to Maryland. Then when the guys couldn't pay up, he took their phones, locked the doors, and kept driving.

Luis was arrested and charged with kidnapping, criminal restraint, and more. But hey . . . no fine for driving in the carpool lane, because he WAS doing that legally.

(New York Daily News)
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A Mom Sets Son's Car on Fire Because It Was a Financial Burden For Him

You know a mother would do ANYTHING to help her children . . . even if that "anything" is a felony that she didn't clear with him first.

53-year-old Lucia Evangelista of West Palm Beach, Florida felt bad for her son because his car was a serious financial burden on him. So when he was in Florida back in August, she saw her opportunity to help him out.

She took his car, drove it to a secluded spot . . . doused it in gasoline, and set it on FIRE.

Her son got back about three weeks later, and realized his car was missing. And eventually, he realized his MOM was the one who'd stolen it and torched it. He did NOT appreciate her "help" . . . and reported her to the cops.

The police investigated . . . and Lucia was arrested last Wednesday for felony arson.

(South Florida Sun-Sentinel)
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Locations : FloridaSouth FloridaWest Palm Beach
People : Lucia Evangelista


"Duck Face" Selfies Are Out and "Surprise Face" Selfies Are In

Up until now, the classic face in selfies has been the DUCK FACE . . . if you don't know that term, it's where you pucker your lips like you're about to kiss someone and stick them out like a duck.

But the duck face is OUT. Today's selfies are all about the "surprise face."

In the surprise face, you open your eyes and mouth wide, like you just heard something shocking.

Why is the surprise face taking over? Because it's way more FLATTERING than the duck face.

With a surprise face, your eyes look bigger and better . . . your face doesn't wrinkle up like it does when you smile or make a duck face . . . your lips look fuller . . . and it elongates your face to make it look thinner.

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Door-to-Door Salesman in a Chicken Suit Is Arrested For an Outstanding Warrant

If you've got outstanding warrants, you'd think your instinct would be to lay low. Unless you're this guy, in which case your instinct is the EXACT OPPOSITE.

40-year-old Brian Eades of Hueytown, Arkansas had an outstanding warrant for assault. The police weren't actively looking for him . . . until Tuesday, when they couldn't miss him.

That's because Brian was going door-to-door, trying to sell a tax service . . . and he was doing it in a GIANT CHICKEN SUIT. Who WOULDN'T want crucial accounting advice from a guy in a giant chicken suit?

A bunch of people called the cops because they suspected the guy in the chicken suit was scamming them . . . the police quickly tracked him down . . . and figured out it was Brian.

He was arrested on his outstanding assault warrant. Another guy he was going door-to-door with, 58-year-old Michael Bratton, ALSO had an outstanding warrant for drug possession . . . so he was arrested too.

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Locations : ArkansasHueytown
People : Brian EadesMichael Bratton


A Snake Pops Out of a Cabinet and Bites a Customer on the Head

Chalk this up as a victory for the local mom-and-pop hardware stores. Yeah, their prices might be a little higher and their selection is a little smaller, but at least they're not filled with DEADLY ANIMALS trying to KILL YOU.

A guy was shopping at a Lowe's in Corinth, Mississippi on Saturday afternoon and opened a cabinet that was on display.

A SNAKE popped out of the cabinet . . . and bit the guy on the HEAD.

He was taken to the hospital . . . there's no word on how he's doing.

The snake was a black rat snake . . . those are between three and five feet long, they can climb up wood, and fortunately for the guy, they're not venomous. They're still TERRIFYING based on the photo of one I'm looking at, though.

A Lowe's spokeswoman said she can't comment on what happened and they're investigating.

(Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

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Locations : CorinthMississippi


A Guy Holds Up a Shop... With a Napkin Glued to His Face

It's much easier to say what this robber did wrong than what he did right . . . because I'm fairly sure he didn't do ANYTHING right.

48-year-old Douglas Stewart of Devon, England wanted to rob a betting shop last August. And here's what he did wrong . . .

1. For a disguise, he just glued napkins to his face.

2. He stuffed tissues in his mouth to try to hide his accent.

3. He wrote his list of demands on the back of a letter . . . that he'd gotten from the bosses of that betting shop BANNING him from coming in.

4. When a cashier recognized him, he ran off empty handed.

5. And finally, he took off his masterful disguise right outside of the store . . . in direct view of their surveillance cameras.

He was just sentenced to three years and eight months in prison.

(Daily Mirror)
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People : Douglas Stewart


A Teenager Is Busted For Posing as a Doctor at a Hospital . . . For a Month

I would say this guy was totally inspired by DOOGIE HOWSER . . . only since he's just a teenager, he was born a few years AFTER "Doogie Howser, M.D." was already canceled.

A 17-year-old kid was busted last week for spending the past MONTH successfully impersonating a doctor at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The kid has been wandering around the hospital, wearing a white lab coat, scrubs, and a stethoscope . . . and introducing himself to people as a doctor.

As far as we know, he didn't actually do anything to any patients . . . although when he was busted, he was in an exam room while a real doctor examined a patient.

He was only caught when a patient noticed he looked like a kid and told a security guard.

Hospital officials and the cops wound up not press charges against the kid . . . his mother told them he's now, quote, "under the care of a doctor."

(South Florida Sun-Sentinel)
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A Bank Robber Is Busted When He Stops To Eat Chicken and Biscuits

This is a terrible endorsement for this guy's bank robbery skills . . . but a hell of an endorsement for the deliciousness of chicken.

32-year-old Shane Lindsey robbed a bank in New Kensington, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, then took off running down the street.

The cops showed up right after he left and headed in the same direction. They stopped at a restaurant two blocks away called Eazer's Restaurant and Deli, since they saw it had surveillance cameras outside and might've gotten a shot of the guy.

But Eazer's had something way better. It had Shane HIMSELF.

It turns out he'd stopped during his getaway to eat some chicken and biscuits. And when the cops went into the restaurant, they saw a guy who matched the description of the bank robber perfectly . . . and realized it was him.

He was arrested about 20 minutes after robbing the bank.

(Trib Live)
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A Man Attacks His Brother . . . For Making His Bed

I'm thinking this guy's brother isn't going to do ANY nice things for him anymore.

23-year-old Eric Ortiz of Deltona, Florida got into bed on Sunday . . . and found someone had changed his sheets.

He believed it was his brother, and instead of thanking him . . . he stormed into his brother's room and started YELLING at him.

Then . . . Eric ATTACKED him. He landed a few shots before the brother got away and called the police.

Eric was arrested for aggravated assault.

(CBS 6 - Orlando)
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A New Website Lets You Send an Envelope of Glitter to Your Enemies

There are websites out there now that let you anonymously send ANIMAL POOP to your enemies. This is an opposite . . . but potentially even MORE annoying . . . option.

This website lets you send your enemy an envelope full of GLITTER.

On the surface, that doesn't really sound awful . . . but when they open it, the theory is that the envelope is so overstuffed, glitter will spill everywhere. And that will be super annoying to clean up.

Plus, it might even get them in trouble at work . . . like their boss sees glitter and is all, "Johnson, what's with all the glitter? This is a business, not one of your hippie rave parties. See me in my office."

The glitter costs about $10 and ships anywhere in the world . . . but their website says they've temporarily suspended purchases. You can check for updates at ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com.

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A Wife Gets Revenge on Her Cheating Husband by Selling His $100,000 Porsche For

A woman in Melbourne, Australia just listed her husband's 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera 997 for $16,000. But it's worth at least three TIMES that much.

In fact, with its low mileage, it could be worth up to SIX times that. But she's not selling it for profit . . . she's selling it for REVENGE.

She listed it for sale after she caught her husband cheating on her after 25 years of marriage... she followed him to his "guys' poker night" and found out he was really going to a restaurant with a young blonde.

She says the Porsche is in her name, so she's selling it for $16,000 . . . quote, "just enough for a flight [and] accommodations in Europe so I can fondle with all the wealthy European men."

She posted the ad three days ago, and found a buyer almost immediately.

(Melbourne Herald Sun)
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A Man Fights His Wife and Threatens His Son . . . Over a Game of Yahtzee

Even the people who SELL Yahtzee probably aren't THIS passionate about it.

40-year-old Brian Cutshall of Mayville, North Dakota and his wife were playing some DRUNK YAHTZEE a few weeks ago . . . he was drinking a 40, she was drinking Boone's Farm. Nice.

Somehow the game got heated, and Brian and his wife got into a physical fight. When their nine-year-old heard them yelling, he headed downstairs to see what was going on.

And Brian told his son to call 911 . . . or he'd KILL him.

The kid called 911 . . . and when the cops got there, they couldn't figure out who started the drunk Yahtzee fight, Brian or his wife. But they DID confirm that Brian threatened to kill his son unless he called 911.

So Brian was arrested and hit with one felony charge of terrorizing.

(Fargo InForum)

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Why Are The Cops in The Philippines Wearing Diapers?

It must have been SO exciting for people in the Philippines to find out POPE FRANCIS was going to visit. And now, for about 2,000 of them... things just took a BRUTAL left turn.

When the Pope is in Manila and hosts mass next week, the city simply doesn't have enough portable toilets to handle the MILLIONS of people who will be there.

So an official in Manila named Francis Tolentino decided he'd try to lessen the strain . . . by ordering all 2,000 or so traffic cops to wear DIAPERS.

And why stop there? He also encouraged EVERYONE who comes to wear an adult diaper... only, unlike the cops, he can't force them to wear one.

As for whether Tolentino is going to wear a diaper . . . well, he has a different plan. He'll just avoid water, so he doesn't need ANY toilet, period. Quote, "In my case, I have less hydration."

(Huffington Post)
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The New Beauty Trend For Women Is . . . Shaving Your Face?

Now that men are moisturizing and waxing, I guess it's only fair that women do THIS.

Apparently the latest beauty trend for women is . . . SHAVING YOUR FACE. Yeah, with a razor and shaving cream and everything.

It's because it's a great way to exfoliate your skin. One of the reasons men usually develop fewer wrinkles than women is all the shaving . . . by removing your outermost layer of skin, it keeps your skin fresh.

So no, it's NOT to remove facial hair. In fact, if you DO have a sexy lady beard or thick lady mustache, beauty experts say you SHOULDN'T shave it because the thick, coarse hair that grows back may look darker and thicker. It's not, but it might LOOK that way.

Alexis Wolfer is the editor of a women's website called the Beauty Bean. She says female face shaving, quote, "is definitely getting more mainstream" . . . but it's not totally common yet.

Companies are even selling face razors specifically for women on Amazon . . . if you search for "women face razor" you'll find at least three or four choices.

(ABC News)
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Pet Shop Owner Arrested For Slapping His Employees With a Bearded Dragon

I guess you have to be a little "off" to spend all your time selling reptiles . . . and this guy definitely qualifies as being "off."

40-year-old Benjamin Siegel owns a store called Ben Siegel Reptiles Inc. in Deerfield Beach, Florida . . . and on Friday, he started going a little nuts.

He picked up a bearded dragon . . . which is a pretty big lizard . . . and put it in his mouth. Then he threw it in the air, swung it around a few times . . . and started SLAPPING his employees with it.

Benjamin was arrested and charged with battery and cruelty to animals.

And this is the second time Ben Siegel Reptiles has been in the news for the wrong reasons. Back in October of 2012, a guy DIED after eating more than 30 cockroaches and 100 millipedes at the store's insect eating contest.

The guy died from asphyxiation after cockroach parts blocked his airways. He'd signed a liability waiver before the contest so, as far as we know, his family didn't have a case against the store.

(Broward-Palm Beach New Times)
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Three Weird Tricks to Help You Sleep Better

It takes about ten days to change your sleep schedule. Meaning that if you wake up at the same time for ten days straight, your body will start doing it naturally . . . as long as you get enough sleep. Here are three tricks that can help.

1. Set a nighttime alarm. Meaning an alarm to remind you it's almost time for bed. According to one expert, if you need to get in bed by 11, an alarm reminding you at 10:30 will make you more likely to actually DO it.

2. Try a computer program called "Flux". It's available for PC's and Macs, and automatically dims your screen at night. You probably know this by now, but staring at a bright screen tricks your body into thinking the sun is still up, so you don't feel tired.

3. Get some ACTUAL sun as soon as you wake up. Sitting in the sun for just 10 or 15 minutes can help wake you up. And it also resets your internal clock, so you're more likely to feel tired later that night.

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A Guy Destroys His Neighbors Christmas Decorations Left Up After Christmas

Everyone knows it's tacky to leave your Christmas decorations up for too long after Christmas . . . but you've got to give your neighbors SOME sort of grace period. This guy clearly couldn't wait.

A guy in Concord, New Hampshire clearly HATES seeing Christmas decorations up after Christmas . . . because on December 27th, he SLASHED an inflatable Santa in someone's front yard.

And this is the second year in a row he's gone after that house's Christmas decorations.

After he destroyed the decorations last year, the people living there installed security cameras . . . so this year, the cops have a decent look at the guy.

They're trying to track him down . . . there's no word if he's targeted other people's late decorations too.

(Huffington Post)
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A Man Spent $459 on Surgery for His Constipated Goldfish

For a lot of people, there's NO LIMIT to how much they'll spend on their pets' health . . . and apparently that's true even for totally RANDOM pets.

A guy in Norfolk, England recently noticed his GOLDFISH wasn't acting right, so he took it to the vet. And her diagnosis was that his goldfish was CONSTIPATED . . . badly.

She said it would cost $459 for her to perform a minor surgery and . . . uh . . . break up a clump that was stuck in his excretory system.

And the guy GLADLY spent the money on the surgery to help his goldfish poop freely again.

So the vet put it in water that had anesthesia mixed in . . . used a tiny probe to monitor its heart rate . . . and successfully removed the blockage after a one-hour procedure.

The fish is now doing well.

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