I’m pretty sure Kaden was born with a mic in his hand and headphones on his head! He loves people and has never met a stranger. Being a social media guru, he’s always checking out what songs are trending according to you and you can hear him count them down each weekday at 7 during the Trending 7 @ 7. If that’s not enough, Kaden loves awkward and crazy news stories, so make sure to check out Kaden’ Krazy News on air and right here on his blog! Tune in afternoons 4-8 pm for all the shenanigans!


[A] Available: Depends who’s asking
[B] Best concert: Rascal Flatts
[C] Current clothing: jeans and a t-shirt
[D] Dirty little secret: I love Saved By The Bell

[E] Eat at the most: Panda Express
[F] Favorite band: One Republic
[G] Gummy bears or worms: bears
[H] Hometown: Ropesville

[I] If I weren’t in radio: I would hate whatever else I was doing

[J] Junk food: chips and salsa
[K] Killer radio moment: The Granny Awards
[L] Listen to me: 4pm-8pm Monday thru Friday

[M] Music to chill to: 80’s
[N] Number of siblings: 2
[O] One wish: Host my own Morning Show
[P] Person you’d love to meet: Ashton Kutcher
[Q] Quantum Physics: Big Bang Theory- the TV show
[R] Reason to smile: I woke up
[S] Start in radio: 2004
[T] Time you wake up: I try to get up before 9am
[U] Underrated band: I don’t know

[V] Vacation: the Caribbean
[W] Website you rely on: IMDB
[X] X-rays you’ve had: of my spine
[Y] Your favorite artists: Justin Timberlake
[Z] Zodiac sign: I don’t know