Lubbock Live: Festival for the Arts

Press release from Lubbock Live Festival of the Arts:

After a yearlong delay to the COVID-19 pandemic, the inaugural Lubbock Live: Festival for the Arts will makes it debut on Saturday, Aug. 28.

Set in the heart of Lubbock’s downtown art district, the all-day festival will showcase a wide scope of local artists, featuring a robust lineup of live music and dance performances and a variety of visual art installations.

Festival founder Jeremy Couture said the goal of the event is to bring attention to the vigorous talent in Lubbock’s arts scene and raise funds for the local artist community.

The proceeds from the festival will benefit Lubbock ISD’s fine arts department, providing young artists with a better opportunity for creative exploration and the chance to discover their own talents and interests.

“Lubbock Live is a place where I can bring together all of the arts and show the people in our community just how much art there is while concurrently being able to give back to the artists that inhabit it,” Couture said.

“The arts in Lubbock are full to the brim with talent and incredibly wonderful people. In my time as a local musician, I have found that the artists who make up this community are some of the best to do it,” he added.

Celebrating artists and musicians of all expertise and genres, event creators are bringing Lubbock’s most talented to one single place with live performances from Aaron Smith, Gypsy Jayne, Stroke, Ronnie and the Redwoods, Indego, Joy Harris and Drew Cypert. Couture, who is also a local musician, will perform with his full band.

The first live set is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. at the Plaza Stage near LHUCA and will end at 11 p.m. at Two Docs. A full performance schedule can be found online.

There will also be food trucks and vendors on site.

Tickets are available online now but can also be purchased at the doors of the event. Costs are $5 for children (10 or younger) and $15 for adults general admission.

Couture hopes to raise more than $25,000 in proceeds for Lubbock ISD. Donations can be made online and in person.

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