The Week in Review So Far

The week isn’t even half over and it’s already been a success!

Friday was a day for Meghan Trainor! She blessed us with her new song “No Excuses”! Check it out and let us know what you think on Twitter @Mix100.

If you’re like us and there is still a little hole in your heart that can only be filled by One Direction, you can get your fix when Niall’s video for “On The Loose” drops…TODAY!


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How adorable is Camila!! She spent her 21st birthday with her parents, a cake and balloons. Even though it’s her birthday week, we’re getting the presents! Camila will be releasing a new music video for “Never Be The Same” this Thursday. #NeverBeTheSameVideoThursday

Oh, and we want you to experience Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello in concert in LONDON! Do yourself a favor and enter here now!



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